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Definition of spanking:

  1. Dashing; free- going.


dapper, live, nipping, zippy, awake, sprightly, full of life, fresh, hammer blow, bracing, active, festal, wondrous, terrific, jovial, bonk, blow, alert, grand, snappish, mirthful, tremendous, fantastic, crack, natty, springy, frisky, marvellous, peppy, crisp, pert, refreshing, nippy, refreshful, vital, tonic, sparky, alive, spirited, airy, jocund, snappy, mettlesome, wonderful, energetic, jolly, resilient, jaunty, raffish, whipping, lively, butt, animated, vivacious, festive, bouncy, kinetic, chop, gay, clout, cuff, rakish, jazzy, brisk, spruce, perky, bump, pizzazzy, merry, dashing, marvelous, rattling, animate, howling, frosty, watchful, bouncing, bop, racy, spiffy.

Usage examples: