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Definition of spar:

  1. A feigned blow; a contention with the fists.
  2. A term applied to those crystals or minerals which break up into rhombs, cubes, plates, prisms, & c., with smooth cleavage faces, as in calcspar, felspar, brown- spar, Iceland- spar, and the like.
  3. Any long round piece of timber, as a mast, a yard, a boom, & c.
  4. To close or fasten with a spar; to bar.
  5. To fight in show, or as preparatory to a real contest, as a pugilist; to box in gloves; to wrangle; to quarrel in words.


sport, arm-wrestling, fit out, flint, pebble, gravel, berth, rock, bowsprit, meteorite, boxing, cavil, equip, box, amidships, fight, pugilism, bilge, bantamweight, aft, fight it out, outfit, bay, fit, bow, argue, sparring, bout, boxer, scree, haggle, boulder, dispute, boom, corner, dicker, blade, cross, pinnacle, bare-knuckle, count out, shingle, contest.

Usage examples: