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Definition of spark:

  1. To produce, or give off, sparks, as a dynamo at the commutator when revolving under the collecting brushes.


lighter, start, flicker, glimmer, bring out, set off, flutter, bud, set out, brightness, form bubbles, nucleus, firing, actuate, detonate, fizz, glint, set forth, part, aerate, sacking, ignitor, instigate, light source, coruscate, kernel, trip out, light, dame muriel spark, scintillation, luminousness, glance, wink, bow, sparkling, dismissal, start out, cancel, lighting, turn on, luminance, expelling, froth, igniter, touch off, activate, glisten, trip up, trip, release, embryo, run, flash, move, flash, explode, discharge, spark off, get off, foam, waiver, firing off, twinkle, visible light, scintillate, venting, take off, arc, travel, dismission, stir up, seed, brightness level, glitter, glister, emission, jaunt, luminosity, Muriel Spark, coruscation, stumble, waver, glow, prompt, illumination, sparkle, blow up, outpouring, Muriel Sarah Spark, electric arc, blink, gleam, offset, liberation, germ, trigger, visible radiation, depart, sack, effervesce, electric discharge, trigger off, lightness.

Usage examples: