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Definition of sparkle:

  1. To fly off in sparks; to glitter; to exhibit an appearance of animation, as the eyes; to emit little bright bubbles, as liquors.


suds, mystery, set off, scintillation, liveliness, electric arc, lighter, discharge, glare, resplendency, beautiful, glistening, brilliancy, vivacity, brightness level, embroider, arc, luminance, vary, esprit, spangle, igniter, spume, sheen, glance, radiance, catch the light, lightness, touch off, visible light, pep, vigor, bounce, coruscate, vim, ginger, light source, glory, glitter, form bubbles, Shine, effervesce, ignite, brio, twinkling, pertness, dash, LAN, vitality, glisten, vivaciousness, fizz, glistering, wink, lighting, action, peppiness, buzz, magnificence, dazzle, gorgeousness, coruscation, bite, verve, sumptuousness, color, fascination, oomph, visible radiation, winkle, glister, spice up, gleaming, life, glitz, light, spark off, trip, ignitor, spirit, zip, foam, shining, animation, trigger off, novelty, luminosity, perk up, actuate, scintillate, froth, resplendence, electric discharge, activate, wake up, trigger, flame, enliven, spark, liven up, sparkling, bring something to life.

Usage examples: