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Definition of spasmodic:

  1. Relating to spasms; convulsive.


hyperkinetic, episodic, skittish, shaky, contract, fluttery, sporadic, jumpy, discontinuous, aperiodic, casual, sometimes, nervous, muscular, interrupted, hyperactive, occasional, off-and-on, spastic, choppy, flighty, spooky, reflex, motor, high-strung, occasionally, infrequent, jittery, convulsive, spasm, unsteady, hyperexcitable, spotty, smooth, hyper, jerky, fitful, erratic, from time to time, overstretched, cartilaginous, skittery, catchy, pull, every so often, intermittent, (every) now and then/again, fiddle-footed, relax.

Usage examples: