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Definition of speak:

  1. To utter articulate sounds, applied to human beings; to make known thoughts by words; to talk; to converse with; to discourse; to make a speech; to address; to accost.


deliver, soliloquise, dial, breathe, harangue, chatter, tell, answer, communicative competence, express yourself, handle, let loose, announce, fluent, converse, pronounce, confabulate, discourse, accost, tell, deal, call in, address, discourse, fluency, declaim, let out, represent, utter, say, bring out, lecture, declare, anglophone, chair, visit, blab, bilingual, recite, blab out, call, fidelity, spill the beans, turn to, prelect, put (something) into words, chat, articulate, parade, dedicate to, busy signal, caller, stand for, babble out, accordingly, let the cat out of the bag, deliver, pass, cover, talk, hold forth, utter, busy, words, cut off, converse, state, come up to, spill, treat, talk, confab, preach, call up, let fall, enunciate, pronounce, verbalize, sing, harangue, verbalise, expatiate, false beginner, code switching, give tongue to, communicate, inaugurate, expatiate, as the saying goes, utter, spout, descant, chatter, Anglo, bespeak, plow, chat, substitute, parley, give, as it were in a manner of speaking, encode, call back, express, mouth, talk, declaim, peach, commemorate, direct.

Usage examples:

  • " Did you speak with him then?

    - "The Case of the Golden Bullet", Grace Isabel Colbron, and Augusta Groner.
  • For some time he did not speak.

    - "The Veiled Lady and Other Men and Women", F. Hopkinson Smith.
  • I shall speak myself.

    - "The White Sister", F. Marion Crawford.