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Definition of speaker:

  1. One who speaks; the chairman of the House of Commons.


rhetorician, spokesman, fidelity, anglophone, bilingual, talker, substitute, communicative competence, demagogue, conveyor, dissolve, false beginner, encode, vocalizer, mic, verbalizer, president, preacher, presider, Anglo, fluency, mouthpiece, speechifier, speaker system, declaimer, voice, spellbinder, verbaliser, megaphone, point man, mouth, parliamentarian, parliament, diet, loudhailer, presenter, discourser, the Dail, lower house, spokeswoman, chamber, spokesperson, moderator, teller, loudspeaker system, orator, fluent, speaker unit, speechmaker, dissolution, code switching, prophet, plenary, loudspeaker, constituency, bullhorn, chairperson, vocaliser, chairman, floor, prolocutor, utterer, amp, lecturer, discussant, point person, words, mike.

Usage examples: