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Definition of special:

  1. Pert. to a species or sort; particular; designed for a particular purpose; confined to some particular department or subject; extraordinary.


superfluous, exclusive, favorite, fussy, marked, redundant, reserved, choice, determinate, fashion statement, alone, specialized, special offer, sole, on sale, express, out of the ordinary, precious, exotic, unique, extra, nosedive, first, picky, favored, general, primary, hit, Particular, solitary, finicky, fashion, remarkable, proper, supernumerary, surprising, one-off, concession, set, boom, beloved, fond, favourite, unscheduled, odd, magnet, specialised, restricted, surplus, appropriate, winner, extraordinary, finical, excess, sui generis, hot spot, fascination, pet, modified, dear, additional, white-headed, lone, specific, reduction, uncommon, offbeat, discount, fair-haired, particular, limited, select, twofer, especial, one, supererogatory, distinct, cash discount, concrete, sweet, circumscribed, peculiar, singular, exceptional, popularity, unrestricted, loved, notable, on offer, off, personal, spare, cherished.

Usage examples: