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Definition of specialty:

  1. A particular case; an obligation or bond; that for which a person is distinguished; special case, in law, the statement, in a compendious form, of the facts upon which any question of law or equity arises, in order to obtain a judicial decision thereon; special constable, one appointed for a particular occasion; special jury, a jury consisting of persons of a certain superior station in society; special pleader, in law, one who draws common- law pleadings; special pleading, in law, special or new matter; the whole science of pleading; the specious but unsound arguments of one whose object is victory and not truth; special verdict, in law, a finding of the naked facts of the case by a jury, leaving to the court the application of the law to them.


kingdom, oddment, terrain, distinguishing characteristic, masterpiece, pursuit, force, front, fief, medium, distinctive feature, nutrition, demesne, part, curio, fare, strong suit, military strength, line, domain, intensity, posture, strength, lastingness, ability, foodstuff, distinctiveness, fortissimo, long suit, bailiwick, potency, dish, specialization, firmament, groceries, province, meal, specialisation, peculiarity, realm, branch, differentiation, nourishment, fiefdom, precinct, oddity, barony, bag, curiosity, speciality, hobby, field, food, specialism, enduringness, durability, effectiveness, circle, walk, persuasiveness, military posture, forte, cooking, disparateness, discipline, rarity, territory, area, specialness, scene, strong point, arena, department, game, element, work, forcefulness, sustenance, thing, metier, sphere, intensity level, military capability.

Usage examples: