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Definition of specify:

  1. To mention or name in words; to designate so as to distinguish from every other; to determine by a particular mark or limit.


ascribe, cite, regulate, influence, fasten, define, square up, fate, avouch, arrogate, check, put across, characterise, pay back, coif, speciate, finalize, attribute, assert, state, lay down, testify, delineate, jell, keep apart, contract, isolate, certify, discipline, outline, touch, adjust, set forth, describe, repair, nail, quote, maintain, mold, decide, claim, drop, circumscribe, stipulate, train, coiffe, impute, make up one's mind, condition, point, demarcate, mean, destine, detail, protest, localize, fix, peg, narrow, doom, set, characterize, signify, go under, assure, put, lay, coiffure, run through, set out, fructify, position, specific, modify, illustrate, see, situate, inform, depose, designate, specialise, typeset, advert, throttle, limn, gear up, declare, notice, desex, pay off, pin down, say, particularise, determine, bushel, place, particularize, assign, desexualise, constringe, indicate, arrange, set-apart, delegate, deposit, affirm, swear, sterilise, note, pin up, ascertain, watch, rig, doctor, aver, secure, narrow down, finalise, express, restrict, settle, allot, asseverate, correct, denominate, sequestrate, allege, mention, congeal, subtend, sic, peg down, make, restore, explain, denote, countersink, sequester, predicate, line, name, unsex, avow, portion, think, limit, set up, touch on, plant, qualify, propound, shape, tell, find out, draw, dispose, find, fixate, square off, point out, learn, constrict, measure up, furbish up, refer, sterilize, do, confine, go down, instance, get, posit, trammel, intend, clarify, show, localise, restrain, specialize, delimit, stand for, delimitate, pronounce, mend, desexualize, prepare, cook, interpret, depute, pose, lay out, bound, nail down, ready, trace, dress, mark, trap.

Usage examples: