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Definition of speck:

  1. A stain; a spot; a blemish; anything very small.
  2. To stain in spots or drops.


pip, disgrace, speckle, ace, clue, lick, streak, scruple, big, undertone, skin senses, smack, eyespot, ounce, nip, daub, tweak, breath, exigency, driblet, nugget, besprinkle, mite, scintilla, ort, patch, smell, atom, emergency, spark, intimation, confidential information, peanuts, shading, tactile sensation, band, glimmer, MARKS, dent, injury, jotting, minim, sprinkling, suggestion, stipple, wind, apprehension, feeling, touch modality, tad, trifle, mottle, hint, ghost, soupcon, smirch, blur, snap, nubbin, dribble, collar, particle, tittle, blaze, pepper, blood cell, steer, little, splash, subatomic particle, strain, touching, cutaneous senses, dapple, contact, sense of touch, soil, pinpoint, spatter, skosh, pinch, shade, fragment, point, signature, touch sensation, tip, catch, touch, suspicion, dishonor, ray, arrest, patina, sprinkle, snippet, lead, jot, corpuscle, taking into custody, tinge, dram, bespeckle, shadow, molecule, mote, blood corpuscle, snip, tactual sensation, reproach.

Usage examples: