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Definition of speculate:

  1. To study a subject in its various aspects and relations; to meditate; to purchase land, stock, goods, & c., in expectation of realising large profits by their future sale.


opine, devise, infer, meditate, subcontract, hedge, roll over, hypothesise, excogotate, consult, muse, suppose, ponder, formulate, daresay, farm out, save, surmise, suspect, argue, chew over, say, clear the air, canvass, reflect, sink, invest, take a chance, plow into, hypothecate, pay into, excogitate, theorize, gambling, hypothesize, underwrite, suspicion, ratiocinate, reckon, mull, reverberate, contemplate, negotiate, invent, talk through, put in, assume, opinion, shine, ruminate, neglect, theorise, discuss, forge, belief, think over, talk, mull over, presuppose, job, contrive, conjecture.

Usage examples: