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Definition of speculation:

  1. A train of thoughts arising in the mind from viewing a thing in various aspects and relations; a theory; the act or practice of purchasing goods, & c., out of the regular order of trade, in expectation of being able to sell them at a large advance in price.


guess, arbitrage, enterprise, excogitation, guesstimate, overestimate, speculative, flier, guesswork, meditation, a stab in the dark, gamble, boom, flutter, wager, surmise, guessing, supposition, venture, opinion, commercial, rumination, dead reckoning, hypothesis, scheme, possibility, system, conjecture, yield, crapshoot, estimate, belief, bet, brainwork, risk, commercialism, profitability, pay, adventure, throw, assumption, shot, gambling, surmisal, chance, supposal.

Usage examples: