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Definition of speed:

  1. Quickness of motion; haste; rapid action; swiftness; success.
  2. To hasten; to accelerate; to have success; to assist; to prosper; to fare.


advance, crack, charlie, rush, haste, further, fast, velocity, antilock braking system, zip, haste, step on it, box in, repair, press forward, acceleration, belt along, drive, ABS, reanimate, liveliness, revivify, minion, liveliness, preference, Swiftness, headway, stimulate, darkroom, pelt along, coke, whet, bring, breeze, aperture, celluloid, automatic transmission, travel rapidly, briskness, block in, rate, amphetamine, tempo, rapidity, rush along, buckle up, carve up, activity, surge, speed up, precipitation, speediness, zip up, acceleration, bus, digicam, recreate, precipitancy, brake, drive on, sail through, quicken, carry, escort, boom, hurry up, celerity, fixity, hotfoot, promptitude, back up, conduct, darling, renovate, cannabis, lead, camera, cannonball along, acid, be quick on your feet, dash, induce, agility, fixedness, steam, deliver, look sharp, quickness, urge on, f number, zipper, vivify, jog, clip, charge, promptitude, cocaine, legerity, dart, speeding, rapidness, not hang around, snap, festinate, invigorate, alacrity, make haste, brake pad, hurry, stop number, hasten to do something, stronghold, swiftness, change down, bat, fastness, readiness, pep pill, facilitate, fave, come, rush, outpace, alternator, velocity, expeditiousness, hasten, race, urgency, controlled substance, stride, pet, anabolic steroid, whiz through, angel dust, animate, precipitation, cartridge, despatch, force through, ASA, shepherd, eagerness, fixture, hurrying, developer, focal ratio, walk, expedition, revive, promptness, dispatch, upper, camcorder, upper berth, Class A drug, fleetness, hie, promote, bypass, haul off, bottom gear, fly, brake fluid, zip through, run, despatch, impetuosity, toss off, air brake, bucket along, momentum, car-pool, expedition, nimbleness, gallop through, secureness, accelerate.

Usage examples: