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Definition of spell:

  1. spelling.


cristal, add up to, monopoly, enchantment, bewitchment, firearm, term, while, siege, write, whirl, objet d'art, space, magical spell, hitch, plot of land, seizure, disco biscuit, plot of ground, indite, alchemy, mend, good luck charm, bout, hex, part, beguile, offer, big, relieve, spasm, piece of music, renew, term of enlistment, flare-up, betray, slice, trance, tour of duty, represent, Halloween, health, fit, composition, go, stand for, inning, publish, trick, import, enchanted, episode, play, act, symbolize, indicate, invocation, curse, spell out, drop a line, attack, take over, climatic, swap, mean, zone, appealingness, eyepatch, handwritten, circuit, proclaim, succeed, dapple, maculation, might, control, relapse, crabbed, greatness, seasonal, art object, fleck, round, enthrallment, give way, supersede, glamour, compose, patch, cursive, plot, pen, day, turn of events, shift, ESP, power, bewitch, stint, magic spell, denote, access, change, enlistment, fling, appeal, go game, temporary hookup, illiterate, piece, weather forecast, opus, tour, meteorology, small-arm, decipher, the black arts, substitute, duty tour, ecstasy, replace, conjuration, temperate, save, crack, breakout, hand, charm, make way (for), stroke, delay, good turn, illness, chapter, leadership, crook, case, signify, bandage, watch, intend, domination, twist, fascination, longhand, identify, graphology, force, whammy, man, extrasensory perception, turning, turn, meaning, pass, oligopoly, connote, handwriting, hug drug, barometer, authority, speckle, stretch, spot, countdown, musical composition, darn, bit, block, routine, calligraphy, black magic, climate, bend, captivation, weather, number, distance.

Usage examples: