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Definition of spendthrift:

  1. One who is improvident or reckless in the use of his means.


be burning a hole in your pocket, high roller, degraded, spender, high spender, wasteful, exuberant, prodigal son, riotous, big spender, scattergood, easy come, easy go, debauched, waster, excessive, unthrifty, a fool and his money (are soon parted), fast, the last of the big spenders, dissolute, have money to burn, disburser, expender, degenerate, overweening, credit history, dissipated, save, wastrel, squanderer, he who pays the piper calls the tune, spend-all, thriftless, libertine, extravagant, free, high-rolling, profligate, high-roller, you can't take it with you, prodigal, waster, squandering.

Usage examples: