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Definition of sphere:

  1. The vast concave or expanse of the heavens; a globe; a celestial orb; any round solid body; employment; rank; circuit of action, knowledge, or influence.


line, surface area, precinct, subject field, scene of action, extent, sphere of influence, theatre of operations, expanse, bowl, discipline, terrain, knowledge base, business, champaign, study, responsibility, landing field, compulsion, subject, cranial orbit, subject area, celestial sphere, arena, line of business, luminary, array, kingdom, playing field, game, balloon, force field, circle, theater of operations, field of study, stadium, department, airfield, band, assemblage, playing area, sky, element, commitment, scope, sweep, province, compass, busload, region, country, crush, demesne, athletic field, crescent, walk, electron orbit, coil, eye socket, purview, collection, realm, accountability, heavens, field of honor, firmament, constellation, sun, empyrean, battlefield, flying field, sports stadium, onus, club, plain, field, extension, range, age group, territory, world, bulge, celestial orbit, scene, theatre, field of operation, fief, guardianship, domain of a function, crowd, field of view, orbital cavity, swing, bubble, orbit, cone, welkin, bailiwick, obligation, field of operations, knowledge domain, front, reach, vault of heaven, battleground, trust, field of force, barony, sector, specialty, land, fiefdom, domain, field of battle, concern, theater, duty, ambit, area.

Usage examples: