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Definition of spice:

  1. Any aromatic vegetable substance used as a condiment or for seasoning; a thing that imparts pungency or flavour to food; a small quantity giving a flavour to a greater.
  2. To season or flavour with spice; to render agreeable to the palate; to tincture.


black pepper, balm, zest, incense, zing, ribaldry, chili pepper, aniseed, aroma, joie de vivre, caraway, taste, wonder, savor, basil, oregano, cardamom, red pepper, scent, satisfaction, anticipation, tang, redolence, coriander, mace, spiciness, raciness, seasoner, bay leaf, spicery, fragrancy, delight, cloves, bouquet garni, cayenne pepper, ecstasy, spice up, gaminess, saffron, attar, excitement, bouquet, pungency, pleasure, borage, cumin, perfume, enthusiasm, anise, flavor, curry, nip, kick.

Usage examples: