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Definition of spicy:

  1. Fragrant; aromatic; smart; showy; piquant.
  2. See spice.


lively, acidic, gritty, high, bluish, lewd, jokey, brackish, downhearted, taste, blistering, forcible, voluptuous, game, low, disconsolate, flavored, smutty, aromatic, perfumed, peppery, grim, live, savoury, gingery, engaging, fiery, puritanical, seasoned, full-bodied, yeasty, down, downcast, suggestive, bittersweet, saucy, drab, drear, corny, mouth-watering, fat, hot, racy, blasphemous, savory, piquant, chocolate, patrician, bawdy, zesty, zestful, low-spirited, distinctive, spunky, aristocratical, gentle, chocolatey, juicy, dreary, robust, sexy, decent, mettlesome, raging, down in the mouth, balmy, dispirited, flavorous, blue, keen, fresh, dingy, rich, aristocratic, dismal, astringent, acid, depressed, hoary, barmy, spirited, gloomy, profane, fragrant, earthy, provocative, sophisticated, blueish, erotic, sorry, off, cornball, tasteful, dark, puritanic, gamey, red-hot, pungent, off-color, ribald, scabrous, blue-blooded, risque, gamy, naughty.

Usage examples: