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Definition of spike:

  1. A large nail; a pointed bar of iron, sometimes of wood; in bot., an inflorescence consisting of numerous flowers, sessile, on an axis or single stem, as in the wheat and lavender.
  2. To fasten with spikes or large nails; to set with spikes; to stop the vent of a cannon with a spike or long nail.


vivify, upsurge, beef up, rise, energize, soar, head, stab, quicken, raise, brownout, pink, fire, kick, pick, liven, intertwine, shoot, do, heel, double, ball, insole, mainline, backhand, blackout, arm, interlace, ear, entwine, filament, build up, deck shoe, spring, bootlaces, peg, leap, fascinate, stiletto heel, stake, smash, fillip, capitulum, bunch, explosion, chip, AC, auricle, cowboy boots, fortify, blast, jack up, gird, strengthen, gore, charge, clog, step up, stalk, enliven, clodhoppers, vitalize, go up, lace, deal, Birkenstock, zip, arc, knock, escalate, go through the roof, delivery, line, amp, abuse, desert boot, spike out, jump-start, active, multiply, spike heel, ginger, juice up, cleats, length, brogues, mandril, transpierce, boot, grip, strip, stimulate, kill, pinna, gag, crosstrainer, peck, suppress, corner, upswing, jab, strike at, come down, arbor, dribble, impale, invigorate, spindle, increase, dope, OD, plait, dive, arc light, lace up, pep, embargo, transfix, drop, play, empale, pass, pole, shoelace, sole, alternating current, jump, fort, instep, surge, spellbind, mandrel, jazz, enlace, cross, run through, add to, spurt, shoestring, growth, stud, spat.

Usage examples: