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Definition of spill:

  1. A splinter; a chip; a small bar or pin of iron pointed; a small roll of paper, or thin slip of wood, for lighting a lamp.
  2. The vent- peg of a cask.
  3. To suffer a liquid to run over, or to fall out of a vessel; to shed; to be lost or wasted; to waste; to injure.


header, slop, disgorge, talk, molt, safety match, dismission, bolt out, shed, chuck, downslope, upchuck, acquittance, bolt, dip, fade, run down, poker, expiration, exit, regorge, rise, slosh, descent, bathe, jet, button, capitulation, focus, let the cat out of the bag, uncover, slip, babble out, run off, anarchy, 7/7, come away, utter, give off, condensation, mouth, passing, barf, decline, break in, fagot, catch, river, gallop, release, crepuscule, sick, stream, crepuscle, splatter, loss, abandon, give away, issue from, handout, matchstick, order, play, emit, nose-dive, fall, cord, firing, sacking, squelch, departure, press release, throw up, discover, incendiary, declivity, 9/11, go down, vomit up, expose, trickle, throw away, agitation, sack, get away, betray, cat, puke, agriterrorism, evenfall, draw out, fail, discharge, bareback, pin, apostasy, dusk, plunge, slough, surrender, canter, bridle, spew, gloaming, sprawl, dismount, drop, spillway, nosedive, wasteweir, equestrian, autumn, speak, stumble, conk out, spillage, be sick, show, throw off, verbalize, tattle, blab out, purge, bend, twilight, cast off, nightfall, beam, civil disobedience, filter, waiver, give out, run out, let out, live, exuviate, spue, vomit, pitch, reflect, pour forth, dismissal, verbalise, swash, going, retch, cast, splosh, sing, flood, generate, freeing, leave, straggle, drain, reveal, shake off, waver, divulge, peach, faggot, unveil, lecture, throw, declination, go away, send out, free fall, move on, babble, squish, beetle off, regurgitate, outlet, tumble, tell, peter out, moisture, spill the beans, dive, match, declension, leak, blab, downfall, swill, gloam, barricade, groom, boycott, plash, vent, liberation, topple, moult, expire, splash, spatter, sip, honk, tone ending, poop out, bioterrorism.

Usage examples: