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Definition of spin:

  1. To draw out and twist into threads; to extend to a great length; to draw out to a tedious length; to whirl or turn rapidly as by means of thread- applied to the motion of any body on its axis, as a top; to exercise the art or trade of drawing out into threads; to issue in a very small current.


talk up, glorify, come down with, shuttle, twirl, inflate, exaggerate, revolution, fog, whirl around, increase, cane, airlift, backpedal, sally, keel, pull, remount, vortex, kick-start, produce, crossing, straining, mythologize, spin out, pass, swing, spinning wheel, winding, bend, plot, day trip, sortie, chirp, bouncy, basketry, magnify, dry cleaner's, lengthen, underarm, about-face, afflict, plait, wheel, reel, ride, whirlpool, spinner, sashay, fling, playable, flutter, drip-dry, air-to-air, alight, run, junket, swap stories, tell, fly, rebound, come out, fustian, hang up, repetition, airspeed, daze, flight, contract, birl, pedal, topspin, monotone, gymnastics, go down with, airdrop, long, device, birle, aerospace, commotion, ramble, recount, angle, birl, weave, recite, good, have, develop, storyteller, tailspin, get, draw out, expedition, spiral, interlace, outing, air, turn of events, dignify, turn something inside out, drive, bicycle clips, braid, dazedness, catch, go, air corridor, gyrate, offer, coast, delivery, retell, wrench, stagger, distaff, hatch, beat, infestation, overrefinement, hover, wriggle, stretch, overplay, reverse, suffer, commute, twist, boil, aerobatics, dine out on, swag, dead, airborne, tumble, tress, twiddle, backspin, extend, dry-clean, muddle, protract, move, come off, kink, swim, idiolect, elongate, flow, swoon, whirl, crook, dhobi, excursion, purl, tip up, careen, circle, cruise, coil, twisting, distortion, jaunt, bike, diction, spindle, tilt, overstate, spin around, prolong, exploration, torture, formulation, eddy, crack, relate, gimmick, circuit, overturn, lurch, invade, loom, air traffic control, wind, gyration, crawl, pirouette, play up, narrate, rotation, infest, air pocket, construction, adjust, formality, hang out, fluency, convolution, prolongate, idealize.

Usage examples: