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Definition of spine:

  1. The backbone.


spikelet, blurb, clavicle, goad, addendum, linchpin, cover, paster, prodding, bony, rachis, thistle, cheekbone, heroism, moxie, poser, bravery, daring, spur track, binding, spinal column, dagger, acknowledgments, point, bone marrow, appendix, irritant, dorsum, ball-and-socket joint, bradawl, artwork, arm, prickle, guts, urging, nobility, pricker, sticker, antler, anatomical, vertebral column, sharp, gad, thorn, book, spurring, coccyx, courage, collarbone, pluck, breastbone, vertebrae, acantha, capsule, book binding, goading, carapace, back, afterword, bravado, blowhole, prick, ridge, anchor, sand, bone, gallantry, nerve, rear, belly, ray, branch line, ankle, grit, toughie, body, spur, coccyx, anatomy, lynchpin, backrest, backbone, mainstay, keystone, heroics, gummed label, gumption, prod, chine, stumper.

Usage examples: