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Definition of spiral:

  1. In geom., a curve or curved line receding continually from the centre about which it revolves.
  2. Winding like a screw.


slump, weave, screwlike, worst-case scenario, swirl, turbinate, twist, winding, meander, screw-shaped, bowl, curled, revolve, dip, entwine, fall, ringlet, turn, nightmare, stress, shrink, ball, circling, straight, coiled, cochlear, band, decrease, dwindle, whorl, crisis, lock, gyre, handbuild, wound, scroll, drop, crater, rolled, hell, circumvoluted, quagmire, spin, coiling, twine, wind, ordeal, hand-build, radial, diminish, trouble, genus Helix, verticillated, bulge, helix, spiraling, corkscrew, twirl, curl, gyrate, voluted, repetition, tendrillar, whorled, rotate, volute, roll, balloon, cone, tragedy, wreathe, helical, loop, scrolled, coil, bubble, decline, verticillate, curlicue, involute, reel, battle, snake, spin around, swing, whirl.

Usage examples: