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Definition of spirited:

  1. Full of animation and life; ardent; vivacious; courageous; in composition, denoting the state of the mind or the character of the disposition, as high- spirited, low- spirited.


risque, sparky, gamy, zestful, pizzazzy, spicy, forcible, jazzy, sprightly, bouncing, lame, granular, rabid, enlivened, vivacious, piquant, snappy, naughty, exuberant, gingery, hoydenish, game, brave, vocal, feisty, ebullient, vibrant, pungent, juicy, hoyden, live, irreverent, chipper, high-spirited, airy, spanking, kinetic, opinionated, action, plucky, knockabout, violent, tomboyish, resilient, halt, blue, mealy, yeasty, lively, flavorous, zippy, zesty, granulose, perky, impertinent, brisk, fearless, saucy, high, con brio, racy, didactic, courageous, farinaceous, animate, vital, whipping, gallant, bouncy, coarse-grained, peppery, single-minded, rich, alert, gamey, rattling, gimpy, peppy, boisterous, spunky, mettlesome, halting, pert, animated, gritty, grainy, springy, feelings, dashing, loud, crippled, alive.

Usage examples: