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Definition of spiritual:

  1. Not material; not gross; possessing the nature or qualities of a spiritual being; not lay or temporal; pert. to sacred things; pure; holy.


body, aria, ecclesiastical, anthem, churchly, ghostlike, ballad, discarnate, Christmas carol, sacred, pious, negro spiritual, godly, metaphysical, spectral, ghostly, astral, church, disembodied, weird, religion, transcendental, formless, cover, chorale, otherworldly, puritanical, pure, apparitional, alma mater, the Other Side, immaterial, devotional, spirituality, religious, unbodied, insubstantial, phantasmal, nonphysical, unworldly, observant, orthodox, numinous, eldritch, ascetic, carol, calypso, supernatural, chanty, unearthly, holy, uncanny, devout, incorporeal, nonmaterial, uncorporal.

Usage examples: