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Definition of splay:

  1. Broad; turned outwards.
  2. In arch., the slanting or bevelled expansion given to the sides of doors or windows.


revolve, get up, bear, skid, slew, mistake, fall away, slip one's mind, fold your arms/hands, turf out, rise, slide, cut, chuck out, wave, luxate, slip, fan out, slue, turn off, open, turn up, drop away, extend, sneak, splayfooted, prove, uprise, expand, err, disperse, bend, switch off, spread out, circumvolve, kick, eject, come out, boot out, unfold, drop off, close, splayfoot, dislocate, rotate, scatter, stretch, exclude, dissipate, diffuse, arise, steal, spread, go around, reach out, string out, turn out.