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Definition of splinter:

  1. A small piece split off a larger; an irregular fragment rent from a body.
  2. To shiver; to break or rend into thin small fragments.


a bit, shaving, break, break out, hightail it, chip, break away, bit, close-knit, splint, scat, chip off, public, bunk, piece, politics, wood, participate, break up, shiver, factional, hint, sample, shiver, fraction, disintegrate, flake, tribal, trace, scarper, head for the hills, like rats deserting a sinking ship, come off, rive, from all walks of life, abandon ship, fly the coop, taster, rift, fall apart, flinders, run away, slim down, break off, diverse, lam, collective, mixed, spall, turn tail, sunder, fracture, multicultural, help, secede, paring, desert, run, sliver, unanimous, split, take to the woods, a little, escape, crumble.

Usage examples: