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Definition of spoil:

  1. That which is taken by force, especially in war; pillage; plunder.
  2. To plunder; to rob.
  3. To waste; to render useless; to mar; to taint; to go to ruin.


screw up, pervert, better, carry, ruffle, pander, muff, cross, demoralize, bollocks up, outrage, cut across, ruffle up, falter, elude, fuck up, debase, the empty nest, plunder, mutilate, boast, foray, give way, mold, go off, luxuriate, harm, goof up, float, muck, blunder, track, bring up, puzzle, cocker, deprave, frustrate, strip, heat up, infract, torpedo, sink, brag, baby, put in, vaunt, rein, blow, harm, transgress, corrupt, traverse, cut through, rifle, pamper, interbreed, bodge, despoilation, regulate, mar, invalidate, finish, raise, rape, Rob, suck, overindulge, dishonour, undo, fellate, peril, total, tease, thrive, neutralize, conk out, bollix, gas, louse up, foul-up, queer, cost, gum up, return, havoc, rear, baffle, bollix up, injure, fumble, wrack, beat, rag, biodegrade, indulge, potty-train, despoliation, custodial, shoot a line, squander, ball up, get over, shove off, fluff, offend, spoliation, disgrace, stupefy, botch, boggle, bumble, void, mess, hot up, spoilation, intersect, blow out, hybridize, amaze, molder, hothouse, stammer, go down on, deteriorate, rub, stumble, flummox, sack, elect, mismanage, wash up, bluster, bribe, flub, overshadow, foil, sully, reelect, ballot, evade, impair, misdirect, sweep, give, booty, bilk, scupper, breach, overindulgence, featherbed, gasconade, pose, despoil, gravel, custody, die, violate, fail, go, torment, mystify, bewilder, blackball, debauch, loot, correct, pass over, shove along, cancel out, desecrate, mud, demolish, gratify, misconduct, fuss over, cater, be adrift, deflower, cloud, burn out, vex, nurture, go against, span, mess-up, endanger, fester, swag, roll out the red carpet for someone, give out, expose, coddle, dun, bungle, stick, profane, get, demoralise, cherish, spoilage, get across, thwart, go bad, bollocks, grope, perplex, swash, bedevil, curdle, adopt, tout, wait on someone hand and foot, assault, muck up, despoilment, snafu, spoliate, cosset, scotch, do well by someone, rumple, spoiling, itch, mishandle, offset, drift, crossbreed, botch up, vitiate, bobble, crucify, dumbfound, harrow, mire, mollycoddle, reave, cross up, dishonor, stutter, smash, bankrupt, break down, cover, help, buy, destroy, hybridise, grease one's palms, nonplus, loose on, despoliation, abstain, perish, muddle, subvert.

Usage examples: