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Definition of sponsor:

  1. One who undertakes to answer for another; a godfather or godmother at baptism.


answer for, backer, keep going, guaranty, catechism, endorse, call down, denounce, spend, suspensor, agree with, marketer, buddy, sympathizer, supporter, put up, back, take on, bear the responsibility, accept, aid, benediction, angel, community chest, conferrer, buy at, athletic supporter, shop at, surety, support, be meant to do something, haunt, ideologue, mate, pay, backer, friend, chancellor, accept/face the consequences, assemblyman, assistant, chum, giver, champion, frequent, ally, girlfriend, baptize, finance, alms, protagonist, audience, charity, bear the cost/expense etc., collection box, jock, browse, community service, give away, shit, firm friends, garter, get behind, booster, advocate, alderwoman, creative, Madison Avenue, agent, disburse, speak for, anthem, donate, adman, help, baptise, promote, betray, front man, shop, patron, angel, sympathize, patronize, snitch, confidante, align, cause, take charge (of), chief minister, patronage, grass, cabinet minister, carry, underwriter, amigo, pay out, exponent, adherent, sustainer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, law, proponent, bestower, frequenter, baptism, the Book of Common Prayer, presenter, follower, patronise, charitable, amen, creative director, invest in, copywriter, underwriter, stag, chief executive, advertiser, celebrate, billposter, fund, speak up for, companion, admirer, rat, condescend, jockstrap, assemblywoman, tell on, alderman, take the lead, acquaintance.

Usage examples: