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Definition of spontaneous:

  1. Acting of one's own accord; done without compulsion; acting from its own impulse or energy; happening or produced of itself.


random, uncontrollable, mechanic, alkaloid, unceremonious, extemporary, mechanical, unforced, accidental, active, plain, unprompted, anaerobic, aerobic, laid-back, self-generated, chemical equation, free, volitional, by accident, alkaline, voluntary, planned, unforced, unrestrained, unplanned, reflex, coincidental, irresistible, unwilling, easy, tighten, natural, instinctive, inevitable, unconscious, impulsive, extempore, automatic, unbidden, offhanded, unwritten, easygoing, willful, robotic, offhand, concentrated, casual, unplanted, unintended, casual, instinctive, chemical, resistless, corrosive, off-the-cuff, willing, unintentional, catalytic, knee-jerk, relaxed, wild, unavoidable, impulsive, instinctual, informal, intuitive, ad-lib, anaerobic, uncompelled, involuntary, unscripted, oral, arbitrary, self-produced.

Usage examples: