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Definition of spoon:

  1. A wooden club with a lofted face.
  2. In croquet, golf, etc., to push or shove ( a ball) with a lifting motion, instead of striking with an audible knock.
  3. In croquet, golf, etc., to spoon a ball.
  4. To catch by fishing with a spoon bait.
  5. To fish with a spoon bait.


salt, cannibalize, spoonful, chow down, iced tea, dipper, slotted, carver, bite, puncture, scoop, fork, tear, gouge, runcible, wooden, serving, bore, grapefruit, sex, make out, gravy, devour, spork, teaspoon, snog, dessert, fish knife, carving knife, smooch, choke down, neck, soup, chopstick, cleaver, pet, knife, chomp, dent, bolt, prick, champ, demolish, rip, chopper, sugar, demitasse, pierce, ladle, dessertspoon, tablespoon, crunch, riddle.

Usage examples: