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Definition of sporting:

  1. Practice or pursuit of a sportsman.
  2. Practising the diversions of the field in hunting, fishing, & c.; given to racing, betting, and gambling.


unclouded, uninfected, fair-minded, clear, unbiased, gaudy, profligate, betting, independent, considerate, blank, support, indulgent, sportsmanly, just, gambling, flashy, card-playing, degenerate, fresh, dissolute, adventurous, fast, adventuresome, uncontaminating, sporty, jazzy, natural, decent, reasonable, dissipated, legitimate, libertine, game, in hand, return, clean-living, neat, sports, zero-sum game, gentlemanly, debauched, white, jaunty, showy, sportsmanlike, generous, contact sport, fair, clean, riotous, light, away, accepted, extreme sport, degraded, unobjectionable, friendly.

Usage examples: