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Definition of spot:

  1. Lit., being on the spot, or place;
  2. on hand for immediate delivery after sale; - said of commodities; as, spot wheat.


sleep with, spell, choose, shoes, do, stop, key, situation, dab, degree, iota, business office, hit-or-miss, full stop, piazza, discern, fix, soil, tell apart, state of affairs, jazz, short letter, get along, contact, grease, big, full point, speckle, realize, sight, moorage, limelight, mail service, have a go at it, decimal point, discolouration, sleep together, detect, greet, act, fill in, feeling, item, contend, hint, scruple, mo, signature, note, daub, key out, sleuth, sense of touch, stake, have sex, accredit, routine, space, blob, plot of land, spatial relation, smirch, injury, bureau, skin senses, posture, grain, malignment, berth, bonk, bed, black eye, instantaneous, darn, cytosmear, get it on, make love, acknowledge, ready, military position, recognise, slot, separate, issue, mite, dent, manage, have intercourse, shred, attaint, hot water, smear, government agency, spy, corner, trouble, fare, jam, touching, mend, write out, topographic point, morsel, smidgen, locating, public eye, difficulty, grunge, modicum, plot of ground, onus, authority, splatter, select, piece, molecule, cytologic smear, function, eff, neck, pick out, aspersion, tactual sensation, have it off, immediate, turn, haphazard, cope, patch, soup, stain, fleck, roll in the hay, number, glare, positioning, secern, random, severalize, reproach, predicament, second, crumb, pickle, snoop, trace, make do, peak, signalise, plaza, tactile sensation, pointedness, agency, bandage, signalize, gunpoint, power, agnise, slur, dilemma, describe, dram, touch modality, fragment, side, dash, get laid, ounce, Dutch, MARKS, postal service, military post, detail, name, hot spot, period, bite, mooring, built in bed, moment, flake, eyepatch, unplanned, box, role, place, home, screw, fill out, complete, spotting, office staff, snatch, planned, touch, billet, dirty, disgrace, drop, temporary hookup, soupcon, position, secernate, post, get by, touch sensation, seat, bunk, tinge, quagmire, plight, dirt, lie with, stance, spotlight, spatter, espy, compass point, cutaneous senses, blur, percentage point, federal agency, radar target, blemish, agnize, tittle, power point, love, recognize, stag, line, dapple, mail, plot, ort, desultory, identify, part, indiscriminate, bind, scrap, office, while, smudge, particle, differentiate, breaker point, take, minim, attitude, view, stead, blot, slip, easy, minute, whit, be intimate, pip, respect, blank space, ghost, gig, come, hump, tip, grapple, severalise, lieu, job, make out, maculation, know, level, cut, appointment, jot, deal, chance, pinch, deep water, vilification, bang, distinguish, perspective, filth, distributor point, tell, trifle, dishonor, bit, have it away, point in time, realise, point, descry, grime, head, do it, staining, blip.

Usage examples: