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Definition of spotty:

  1. Full of spots, or characterised by them.


peevish, raspy, same, mixed, variable, variegated, intermittent, sporadic, episodic, spotted, abrasive, checkered, mismatched, pettish, discontinuous, unequal, patchy, fractious, flecked, checked, dotted, irregular, checkerboard, continue, unsteady, spastic, irritable, cut both ways, chronological, petulant, spasmodic, stippled, techy, work both ways, speckled, mixed blessing, chequered, scratchy, the rights and wrongs of something, casual, crisscross, rough, a double-edged/two-edged sword, gravelly, two-edged, patched, catchy, occasional, odd, splotchy, choppy, tetchy, cranky, testy, aperiodic, six of one, (and) half a dozen of the other, broken, even, mottled, dappled, rasping, peckish, freckled, nettlesome, erratic, candy-striped, inconsistent, uneven, grating, specked.

Usage examples: