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Definition of spout:

  1. The projecting mouth of a vessel, by which a liquid may be poured out without spilling; a pipe or conductor of water.
  2. To throw or pour out water forcibly, as from a pipe; to issue with much force; to speechify, in contempt.


pearl, forge, sip, spill, discourse on/upon, issue from, babble, trickle, keep on, lip, dash, come in, rabbit on, hold forth, moisture, spray, blubber, give off, jabber, drop, go on, send out, bung, spew, overflow, lid, drone on, give out, rainspout, leak, musk, drainpipe, beeswax, generate, break, stream, cork, civet, spirt, deepen, jet, cast up, gush, burst, cap, catch, pour, mouth, ramble on, eaves trough, crest, mouth off, beam, parchment, rave, compartment, channel, go on about, chatter, spatter, move, spurt, trough, pheromone, squirt, rant, nipple, waterspout, talk away, condensation, milk, ink, flip top, river, fleece, emit, splash, course.

Usage examples: