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Definition of sprawl:

  1. Sprawling.


cavernous, clutter, bed down, depart, headlong, cantonment, straddle, outspread, burned-out, mess up, beachfront, carpeted, brownstone, urban sprawl, muck up, drape, appointed, posture, muddle, bunk, barrio, area, disarrange, baronial, order, agora, lie, down, outstretched, sidetrack, curl up, muss, digress, sprawling, borough, brownfield, cabbagetown, cuddle up, make a mess of something, collapse, spill, loll, burbs, lay, relax, slouch, block, spread-eagle, carbuncle, head first, sit, comfortable, spread out, turn something upside down, flop, colonial, tangle, stoop, lounge, hunker down, conurbation, armpit, fall, extended, fetal position, straggle, squat.

Usage examples: