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Definition of spurt:

  1. A forcible ejection, suddenly or repeated at intervals, of a liquid substance from a tube or small opening; a jet; a sudden effort.
  2. To throw out forcibly in a stream, as water; to rush or issue out, as a jet, suddenly or at intervals.


small fry, impulse, fountain, hammer, leap, surge, discharge, flash, generate, fit, jump, jet plane, form, squirt, drop, devise, reverse lightning, get on with, spout, flare-up, formulate, counterfeit, get ahead, beam, mould, super C, rush, outpace, rant, work, flare, flush, jabber, rave, twinge, invent, growth, cat valium, emit, plod along, fake, pip-squeak, condensation, break through, issue from, reach, flurry, whiz through, spasm, jet, blue jet, outbreak, spirt, give off, splash, hurry, forge, gush, move, mold, not hang around, upsurge, outburst, jet-propelled plane, give out, commotion, stream, leak, fashion, river, mouth off, flicker, sip, special K, toss off, spill, flutter, upswing, hurry up, progress, shape, force through, rabbit on, gallop through, send out, spatter, hasten to do something, spray, burst, honey oil, super acid, moisture, green, explosion, excogitate, forge ahead, get along, advance, contrive, zip through, increase, trickle, sail through, rise.

Usage examples: