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Definition of sputter:

  1. Moist matter thrown out in particles or drops.
  2. To spit in scattered drops, as in rapid speaking; to throw out liquid matter in scattered portions; to utter with hasty indistinctness.


spit up, go, cough out, fail, founder, grind, fight, bomb, struggle, cut out, scrape, burn up, pare, expectorate, jabber, waffle, babble, spattering, drivel, sounds, splash, spit, shin, splattering, miss, drool, gabble, gibber, mumble, jumble, splutter, collapse, dab, chat, clamber, chatter, beat, burble, fire, contend, cycle, slur, idle, crash, shinny, throw together, languish, bumble, sputtering, crepitate, engagement, backfire, equivocate, prattle, cough up, scramble, bark, splatter, spatter, flood, skin, crackle, peel, flop, spit out, splashing.

Usage examples: