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Definition of squabble:

  1. A low quarrel; a scuffle; a brawl.
  2. To contend; to scuffle; to wrangle.


misunderstanding, argy-bargy, study at quarrel, contretemps, gaiter, flap, rhubarb, bicker, ado, have words, pettifoggery, spat, wrangle, haggle, kickup, cavil, pother, dicker, flurry, tangle, argue, fret, falling-out, set-to, trouble, quarrel, donnybrook, quibble, bickering, dispute, bother, cross swords, scrap, fuss, niggle, dispute, tiff, bustle, fight it out, argle-bargle, have it out, battle royal, dither, quarrel, brabble, stir, cross fire, fight, hustle, pettifog, tizzy, controversy, lock horns.

Usage examples: