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Definition of squall:

  1. A loud scream or cry.
  2. A sudden storm of wind and rain.
  3. To cry out; to scream.


furore, splore, call off, call up, hubble-bubble, hurly-burly, outcry, blather, uproar, send for, hoopla, coil, bustle, yell, zoo, ballyhoo, fun, prognosticate, wawl, blackguard, call in, anticipate, pother, tumult, cry out, grouse, stew, ring, forebode, helter-skelter, bitch, shindy, clutter, foretell, to-do, clatter, holler out, ado, turmoil, ruckus, bellyache, exclaim, williwaw, moil, weep, rumpus, bobbery, holler, stir, shout out, abuse, promise, waul, visit, dissolve into, rainstorm, scream, shout, squawk, crab, southwester, hurry, do, corroboree, vociferate, name, hurly, brief gale, bid, burst out, disturbance, blazon out, choke up, fuss, cry, whirl, bother, hurry-scurry, snowstorm, ruction, furor, sob, foofaraw, dust storm, welter, cry/sob your heart out, electrical storm, telephone, address, clapperclaw, gripe, restricted storm, call out, pandemonium, beef, phone, predict, kerfuffle, alarums and excursions, hollo, hoo-ha, howl, call, hullabaloo.

Usage examples: