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Definition of square:

  1. Absolute.


aggregate, cheering, lusty, self-colored, through someone's eyes, public square, squarely, solid, equal, bore, indifferent, conformist, dribble, directly, ct., concede, arcade, nonpartisan, hearty, asymmetrical, kick, BMI, low-tech, old-fashioned, close, cloister, agora, substantial, solvent, all, substantive, alleyway, aerodynamic, corkscrew, carat, fractal, drip, straight, arithmetic progression, new, assist, even, chess, old-time, alley, full-blooded, diehard, uncoiled, establishmentarian, fogey, arched, chessman, dispassionate, square off, circular, flare, coefficient, old-world, castle, neat, solvency, forthrightly, base, determine, cu., capture, honest, even up, square toes, anorak, full-strength, unbent, vertical, chevron, cube root, Arabic numeral, from the horse's mouth, impartial, unprejudiced, concave, backyard, smash, area, firm, disinterested, cylindrical, computation, first/second/third hand, afloat, quadrate, objective, dull, conventional, cuboid, play, crosswise, conformist, attack, straightforwardly, forthright, horizontal, common factor, orthodox, constant, upstanding, fuddy-duddy, fart, cruciform, chessboard, flat, antiquated, diamond, button-down, elliptical, boring, fossil, gambit, cross, quit, foursquare, square up, bushel, knock, unbowed, closed, unanimous, straightforward, squared, traditional, common multiple, conventional, jog, cubic, shoot, hook, comforting, obsolete, acre, chunky, mossback, lame, dated, pass, satisfying, fledge, usual, pay, centigram, strong, right-angled, out, be even, conservative, bulbous, chalk something up, vicarious, back, bury, perpendicular, drongo, evenhanded, red-blooded, concentric, angular, cushion, strike at, quits, true, chessman, first-hand, primitive, deadlock, consecutive, erect, upright, dinosaur, material, domed, fair-minded, blind alley, clean, participative, stick-in-the-mud, direct, grand master, checkmate, significant, candid, car park, are, bent, bishop, check, paid, self-coloured, second power, unbiased, fogy, stuffy, hooked, real, conical, geometry, archaic, whole, dweeb, close to home, campus, feather, squarish.

Usage examples: