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Definition of squash:

  1. A game much like rackets, played in a walled court with soft rubber balls and bats like tennis rackets.


grind, extinguish, break down, constrict, squash rackets, slosh, splosh, thrust, squash vine, chat up, oppress, slop, wedge, squash racquets, dally, contract, romance, pinch, force, quash, quell, shove, squish, gouge, help, mush, pressure, mash, wring, hug, shell, hale, crunch, coerce, beat, squelch, stuff, twinge, flirt, bray, coquet, rack, bosom, put down, coquette, twitch, comminute, compress, jam, vanquish, trounce, extort, quench, suppress, crush, beat out, splash, squeeze, choke off, win, demolish, smash, press, philander, embrace, continue, tweet, butterfly, compact.

Usage examples: