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Definition of squat:

  1. Short and thick.
  2. Squatting.


knave, big, bend, labourer, none, roly-poly, crouch, red cent, wrinkle, prick, hairline, solitary, live, crook, buxom, nothing, diddlysquat, come from, old salt, darn, paper-thin, cohousing, pudgy, damn, manual laborer, tinker's damn, home unit, filmy, overweight, bull, thud, balance, crisp, group home, poop, elongated, stubby, bullshit, jackass, stocky, chubby, fetal position, attenuated, extended, no, head first, huddle, affordable housing, squatty, narrow, stoop, stodgy, sprawl, diddlyshit, diddly-squat, stout, whoreson, knee bend, high, zilch, gob, no one, lumpy, arrive, low-set, podgy, chunky, shit, heavyset, son of a bitch, shucks, turd, domicile, bastard, not a living soul, laborer, not a single, bestride, tinker's dam, dumpy, populate, seafarer, fat, cocksucker, tar, bow, crinkle, stumpy, blocky, broad, jak, jackfruit, scrunch, underslung, horseshit, diddly, hunker down, crap, sea dog, plump, dirt, asshole, settle down, seaman, across, ruckle, thick, outspread, naught, council house, crane, active adult community, outstretched, doublewide, diddley, crump, headlong, scrunch up, dickhead, ample, shite, dump, heavy, board, burrow, nobody, cower, fine, hoot, crease, diddly-shit, low, obese, thickset, settle, doodly-squat, fat, mariner, stubby, tubby, gated community, undershot, slouch, in-law apartment, posture, hunker, underhung, hunch, lowset, jackstones, double over, thickset, squatting, jack, dogshit, short.

Usage examples: