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Definition of squawk:

  1. The American night heron. See under Night.
  2. To thrust out the foot or feet with violence; to strike out with the foot or feet, as in defense or in bad temper; esp., to strike backward, as a horse does, or to have a habit of doing so. Hence, figuratively: To show ugly resistance, opposition, or hostility; to spurn.


murmur, protest, charge, squall, thrill, remonstrate, grievance, scream, skreigh, demur, miserere, cheep, kicking, fuss, holler out, rage, whine, grouse, cunt, cry out, plaint, moan, beef, screak, whimper, flush, grouch, grumble, call out, hollo, screech, shout, creak, boeuf, support, boot, bang, whinge, inveigh, carp, except, chant, set up a squawk, shout out, bellyache, rush, wail, beef cattle, skreak, yell, expostulate, challenge, yap, lament, crab, take exception, backbite, kick, gripe, object, bitch, yammer, kvetch, squeak, holler, recoil.

Usage examples: