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Definition of squeal:

  1. A sharp shrill sound less momentary than a squeak.
  2. To cry with a sharp, shrill, continuous sound.


nag, inform, carp, pop, grouch, bleep, crab, profess, rat, whimper, denounce, tattle, clink, kvetch, denunciation, moan, keen, yap, frame, plop, yammer, grouse, click, kick, inveigh, tip, wail, law, split, maunder, bellyache, exposure, grumble, snitch, sing, blackleg, whinge, fink, repine, grass, squall, sounds, yip, yawp, fuss, peep, murmur, holler, tell, dog, croak, shrive, grizzle, gripe, mutter, yowl, beef, beep, mewl, chink, frame-up, concede, yell, shrill, bitch, chime, finger, confession, oink, knowledge, grump, confess, creaking, stool, talk, scab, crack.

Usage examples: