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Definition of squeeze:

  1. Pressure or constraint used to force the making of a gift, concession, or the like; exaction; extortion.
  2. The gradual closing of workings by the weight of the overlying strata.


rack, bleed, control, campaign, sign on, jerk, flirt, bulging, teeming, undertake, limit, shut, pack, iron, comprehend, clasp, conjure, crate, tighten, adjure, ram, nobble, iron out, gorge, hold back, twirp, fraction, cover, squeeze play, constricting, extort, trounce, restraint, snip off, hurtle, taster, disadvantage, compress, a bit, hurl, pinch, narrow, pull, lunge, ingurgitate, chat up, cut through, dear, packed, coquet, traverse, nip off, overgorge, pack together, squish, press out, impel, twitch, clip, top, engorge, encompass, embrace, drive, pressure, satiate, crunch, blackmail, bid, gormandise, pilfer, crowded, blackjack, love, shorten, gourmandize, trace, entreat, screw up, englut, lover, tweet, torture, weigh, cut across, grind, depress, clinch, see, fight, single-foot, purloin, enfold, focus, shell, hold, comminute, condensation, pig out, pierce, storm, influence, deposit, slosh, box, take, embed, splash, wedge, sweetie, pop, glut, urge, confines, cut, wring from, bag, excruciate, torment, coquette, throw, burden, adopt, busy, cram, lug, liquidity crisis, bit, filch, fragment, compaction, sign, restriction, compacting, splosh, reduce, philander, farce, weight-lift, binge, smash, jostle, blink, clench, darling, dry, break down, butterfly, force out, scud, compression, hint, wrench, swipe, flame, clamp, inhibit, oppress, exhort, constraint, beat, drain, power play, sweep up, contraction, boundary, romance, influence, dry off, scarf out, espouse, condensing, sweetie pie, date, adjust, twinge, contract, suppress, the man/woman in your life, entomb, fight your way, sting, squelch, haul, contracting, embarrass, distort, bring up against, congested, beat out, dehydrate, gouge, center, exact, prick, crimp, wring, get, cross, let down, thrust, mop, dally, vanquish, gormandize, a little, lift, squash, rub, crush, sneak, push, throttle, compact, range, nip, a steady boyfriend/girlfriend, cart, full, coerce, wad, steady, abstract, rout, shake down, stuff, cramped, plague, open, sample, bottle, piece, credit crunch, beseech, count against, scrunch, weightlift, choke up, block, overindulge, check, embosom, honey, agitate, foreshorten, truelove, constringe, dense, telescoping, constrict, constriction, vellicate, limitation, squeezing, force, demolish, sweet, mash, drag, jammed, slop, contort, sign up, bury, old flame, snip, jam, flip, stick, hon, wrest, quell, concentrate, deform, beloved, hale, bundle, hook, push up, draw off, significant other, draw, quench, bulldoze, express, shove, bray, blot, snarf, bed, urge on, bosom, aspirate, press, flatten, overeat, crusade, cabbage, hug, lodge.

Usage examples: