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Definition of squirt:

  1. The whole system of flow in the vicinity of a source.


give the axe, honey oil, youth, pup, force out, special K, exclude, reverse lightning, discharge, rouse, blue jet, tike, expel, give the sack, depose, squeeze out, twerp, displace, dismiss, terminate, spirt, spurt, tiddler, move, eject, minor, exhaust, spout, turn out, gouge, kid, rout out, sack, jet, nipper, puppy, turf out, jet-propelled plane, flow, can, tyke, jet plane, youngster, evict, spit, fry, cat valium, fire, fountain, release, child, shaver, chuck out, send away, boot out, emit, super acid, wring out, extrude, crowd out, green, give notice, drive out, extrude, spray, super C, pip-squeak, small fry, eke out, nestling.

Usage examples: