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Definition of stab:

  1. The thrust of a pointed weapon; an injury done secretly.
  2. To give a sharp abrupt thrust with a pointed weapon; to injure secretly by malicious falsehoods.


flush, engulf, snapshot, run, shooter, get the picture, jabbing, rush, poke, pinprick, acknowledge, labor, take, assay, nose, injection, dead reckoning, transfixion, blastoff, outburst, alarm, jibe, poking, exterminate, pass, savvy, slam, indicate, smart, stick, egg on, soreness, bayonet thrust, toil, puncture, dispatch, bump off, turn over, perforation, crack, thump, prodding, moon, offer, pellet, endeavor, grok, scene, sink, nudge, delve, flash, guesswork, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, impulse, chase, panic, grind, come over, pulse, ram, MARKS, high five, startle, puncture, pinhole, shaft, dig up, flip off, compass, grow, shake up, hand-wringing, shove, apprehend, shot, chill, gibe, piercing, murder, sweep over, strangle, twinge, drive, motion, assassinate, barb, try, color, hollow, plunge in, plunge into, fit, plunge, terrify, eina, whack, intimidate, guess, dig, cut, stick, go, knife, horn in, open, bid, pound, blow, moil, slaughter, cut into, stand, grip, comprehend, prod, impale, punch, beckon, put in, prick, attempt, surge, stroke, spear, trial, kill, thrust, poke at, labour, effort, prickle, fling, struggle, excavate, knife thrust, massacre, scare, driving force, spurt, snap, incite, heighten, frighten, essay, prick, jab, flag down, take someone's life, bash, dig out, thrusting, guessing, whirl, travail, neuralgia, pry, trial run, push, shooting, intrude, grasp, drudge.

Usage examples: