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Definition of stability:

  1. Strength to stand without being moved; firmness; immovability; strength of resolution or purpose.


assurance, immobility, immutability, determination, eternity, suspense, establishment, maturity, stationary, at rest, backbone, longevity, analyse, invariability, wholeness, continue, fastness, free association, perseverance, better, adherence, inert, aversion therapy, static, preservation, constancy, aplomb, motionless, endurance, couch, analyst, sedentary, survival, stableness, perceptual constancy, stiff, consciousness, unchangeableness, immutableness, integrity, collective unconscious, soundness, sureness, change, confidence, continuation, undisturbed, ego, analyze, analysis, fixedness, resoluteness, resistance, inaction, still, security, immobile.

Usage examples: